Dog Takes the Wheel


Watch out, pedestrians! A 35-year-old Israeli man took a laid-back approach in his seat while his dog “drove” the car.

He was confident in his dog’s maneuvering skills and filmed the act to show his social media followers. The video featured his dog standing in his lap with the front paws grasping onto the steering wheel as they rode through the traffic.

Although the followers may have liked the video, the cops couldn’t say the same about the dog trick. Police officers stopped the vehicle immediately due to reckless driving and arrested the man. During the investigation, the man got into more trouble as cops discovered he assigned the driving to his dog and the car did not have the required certifications.

The man was from the Arab village of Ein Naqquba near Jerusalem and he might have startled his fellow residents due to his reckless driving. According to the police statements, “Those who carry out such acts endanger people’s lives. We will continue to act to enforce serious traffic offenses and prosecute suspects who endanger road users with their actions.”

This dog owner will have to resort to dog walks. It might not be as eventful but at least people wouldn’t have to risk their lives for entertainment.


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