Dog Transformed Into Pokemon Character


Is that a dog or a rare Pokémon? A dog groomer is showing off his unique skills by wowing the internet after transforming a puppy into a Pokémon.

Gabriel Feitosa was able to transform an eight-month-old white-furred poodle named Edea into the fire-type Pokémon Arcanine. Edea was a well-trained pooch, sitting patiently on the grooming table awaiting her makeover.

Feitosa shared the clip on TikTok and has since been viewed over 1.4 millions times and nearly 200,000 likes. Several people were open to the idea of also trying to dye their dog’s fur. One user wrote: “Omg I’m literally going to do this as soon as I learn to.”

Another person said: “Oh my gods, perfect doggo!!! I did not know I needed this until right now. thank youuuu.”

Others were obsessed with the dog-turned-Pokémon. One user commented: “Awwww so cute I love Pokémon. I’m going to have to catch that now you do know that right.”

The 26-year-old groomer uses dog-safe hair dye that’s also vegan to craft his one-of-a-kind designs. This isn’t the first time Feitosa has given a pooch a crazy hairdo. Other pups have been transformed into pandas, leopards, giraffes and even Sailor Moon.


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