Don’t Cry Over Spilled Alfredo Sauce


A good alfredo sauce makes the perfect pasta dish that much better. Residents in Tennessee might be without the delicious sauce for a while after an 18-wheeler tractor-trailer sent a large amount of alfredo sauce flying onto the highway when it crashed into a wall.

A big chunk of Interstate 55 in Memphis, Tennessee, was temporarily shut down so crews could clean up the soiled roadway. The white sauce was covering all three northbound lanes of the interstate. It even reached parts of the southbound lanes, limiting them to just a single lane.

Police and fire crews on the scene did not confirm what the truck was actually carrying but after some digging, spilled jars of Five Brother alfredo sauce were discovered on the highway. Also, the aroma was so strong that reporters could smell the creamy condiment as they posted about it on Twitter.

No major injuries were reported following the crash. One woman did need to be transported to hospital with non-critical injuries.

This isn’t the first spill that’s happened on the highway this past week. Over 150,000 tomatoes were tossed from a truck during a separate incident.


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