Don’t Eat Ice Cream on the Side of This Fountain


Before traveling to another country during vacation, it’s important to learn the rules of certain places you’ll be visiting. An American tourist in Italy decided to forgo a simple Google search, which ultimately cost them $450 for eating and drinking on the side of a Roman fountain.

With the rise of over-tourism, many historic cities have created rules that tourists and citizens must abide by in order to keep precious buildings and monuments intact. Despite being a big no-no, a 55-year-old man chose the edge of the Fontana dei Catecumeni to settle down for a snack.

The fountain is extremely old, being built in 1588-89 by architect and sculptor Giacomo della Porta. When officers noticed the man, they intervened since he “was intent on drinking and eating on part of the fountain” in contravention of rules designed to protect monumental fountains.

Rules to protect the fountain were first introduced in the 1970s to safeguard historic fountains, statues, and other monuments. An updated set of rules has been in place since 2019 with a focus on maintaining the “environmental decorum” of the city.

These rules are taken extremely seriously too. Street patrols enforce rules, including limits on the volume of music played in bars, street drinking, organized pub crawls and swimming in the city’s fountains. People can be given fines and banned from certain areas for up to 48 hours.


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