Don’t Forget Your Sex Doll for This Race


For one race, bringing an inflatable sex doll isn’t just a suggestion, it’s a requirement. Hundreds took part in a race where swimmers dive into cool waters handling inflatable sex dolls. That must have been an absolute sight.

Dmitry Bulavinov, the organizer of the event and a physicist by training, greeted an incredible turnout for the annual event. After several qualifying races that started with “319 men and 81 women,” the final round featured the five fastest men and the three fastest women.

The competition, called the “Bubble Baba Challenge,” first started in 2003 and ran until 2011. From 2012 until 2020, the event could not take place due to the ongoing construction of a large railway bridge across the river.

The race was re-introduced in 2021 and held again this year. Swimmers cross 600 meters of the Vuoksi river in the Russian village of Losevo and must include an inflatable of choice, many opting for inflatable sex dolls and genitalia.

“Many girls use inflatable men, some inflatable phalluses and other inflatable things from sex shops. But all these options are much more expensive than inflatable women, so for those participants who do not have their own, we provide inflatable women, the cheapest and not suitable for anything but swimming,” Bulavinov said.

Maria Levanova claimed first place for women on her inflatable named ‘Suffering Machine’, in a time of 4 minutes 24 seconds and Vladimir Zaitsev claimed victory for the men in a time of 4 minutes 14 seconds.


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