Don’t Mess With The Ape If You Value Your Leg


Enter at your own risk. Large wild animals prefer the comforts of solitude and are often not thrilled to be used as accessories for the photographs.

Tina, a female orangutan in an Indonesian zoo, taught a young man a lesson when he attempted to enter her territory. Hasanal Arifin was hopping over an enclosed area when he began to tease the animal forgetting about the strength of her body.

His goal was to capture a hilarious candid moment but Tina had other plans. She stuck out her arm through the cage and clenched onto the teen to get a good grip on him.

His shirt was used to draw him closer to the cage and she wrapped her arms around his leg. Then she lifted the teenager sideways before going in for a large bite.

The zoo visitor was frightened at the thought of turning into her supper. He did later apologize for the violation of the rules and expressed his regret for the incident that could have cost him his leg. Arifin said: “I apologize to the Kasang Kulim Zoo for crossing the fence and I apologize for the viral video.”

Desrizal, the zoo manager, warned others about the dangers of not following rules on the zoo property. He explained: “What happened on Monday afternoon, the visitor jumped into the guardrail of the orangutan cage to take a video without the officer’s permission.”

He added: “The visitor has violated the rules by jumping over the guardrail and kicking the orangutan. This is very dangerous and violates the rules. We have already reprimanded the man. Please take the rules seriously.”

There is no battle between a 300-pound orangutan and a helpless teenager. The orangutan always wins.


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