DoorDash Driver Treats Himself


Everyone needs to treat themselves every once in a while. A DoorDash driver decided to give himself a hefty tip when delivering a meal to a valued customer. The man was caught on Ring doorbell video stealing a package from the homeowners without their knowledge.

According to Polk County Sheriff’s Office, the deliveryman was caught on video stealing the package in the Legacy Park neighborhood in Davenport, Florida. They posted about the incident on Facebook, saying that the suspect was later identified as Moises Rios Avila.

In the video, Avila is seen dropping the food off on the front porch of a home. A large package caught his eye, which he ended up taking as a small tip for his epic delivery skills. He is then seen pausing to squint at the camera and briefly drops the box on the ground before picking it back up and driving away.

The man was eventually arrested on charges of burglary and petty theft. In an attempt to get out of the arrest, Avila tried to tell police he took the package as a “prank.” Looks like the joke is now on him.


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