Drink Up Some Dumpling Flavored Soda


Weird food and drink concoctions have been taking the internet by storm and this is no exception. A Japanese beverage company has launched an interesting dumpling flavored soda that some are calling the worst soft drink ever. Yikes!

Nagai Garden is a refreshments company based in the city of Nikko, Japan’s Tochigi Prefecture, and the creator of this beverage. Originally launched in 2019, gyoza cider has been making news headlines and going viral online ever since. Apparently, it tastes so similar to that of an actual dumpling, something most people definitely aren’t looking for in a refreshment.

Pan-fried dumplings are a staple in Japan but even then, it’s pretty obvious that no one asked for this bizarre refreshment. “Gyoza cider” or “Gyoza soda” has left people all over the country calling the drink an abomination.

The smell of chilli oil, vinegar, soy sauce, garlic and ginger is the aroma you’re hit with when opening the bottle. According to a representative of Nagai Garden, the smell is so strong that it’s advised people to open the bottle outdoors.

Curiosity is what’s been keeping this drink on the market. Most people see it as a challenge or a dar amongst friends rather than seeking it out for the delicious dumpling flavor.


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