Driver Hits the Road on Wheel’s Rim


Half a bottle of whisky will do some crazy things to you. Apparently, that much alcohol can give you the courage needed to drive down a busy highway on one of your wheel’s rims.

Graham Clark was arrested with more than double the legal drink-drive limit after getting off a plane drunk and then getting behind the wheel of his car. The 40-year-old had been erratically driving on the divided highway for several miles.

Clark had just flown in from vacation and collected his car from Gatwick Airport. He first drove to Selsey in West Sussex before taking off home to Portslade, East Sussex, England.

Sussex Police posted a video of Clark’s driving on Facebook. The video shows him casually motoring down the road with a blown-out tire that left him to drive with no tire on one of the wheels.

After Clark was pulled over he was taken into custody after failing a breath test. Despite disobeying the law, he told police in custody: “You guys are treating me like I’m a criminal.” It’s because you are one Clark.

The driver was charged with dangerous driving and driving over the prescribed limit for alcohol and sentenced to 200 hours of unpaid work as part of a 12-week suspended prison sentence. Clark was also disqualified from driving for two years and must take an extended retest before he is allowed to get his license back. Hopefully, this driver has learned his lesson.


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