Driver Is Not a Fan of Clothes or Traffic Rules


It’s okay to be a little underdressed if you’re going for a short drive to the gas station. Comfort is the only thing that matters so rock those sweats and baggy old t-shirts.

A man in Los Angeles took it too far when he got in his car without clothes. He rode the streets freely with no fabric covering his genitals. It was a smooth ride until the right front end of his blue truck crashed into the curb. He had no choice but to exit the vehicle through the passenger door to deal with the aftermath.

A witness went to confront the man after the crash but he did a U-turn when he discovered that the driver had no clothes.

The driver wasn’t embarrassed at all. He walked out of the car with no signs of hesitation. Being butt naked must be a trendy fashion statement in his eyes. He held his head high while his hands gripped a set of clothes.

A police officer got a good glimpse of his bum as he followed behind to report the collision.

Another witness took a video of the incident and shared it on Twitter. Users are trying to make sense of this naked encounter.

A person wrote: “I have so many questions.”

Another commentator added: “Bro gotta be on something cause there’s no wayyy.”

Drugs may be a convincing guess because his decision to drive naked doesn’t seem rational. Something had to impair his judgment. At least he put on a show for bystanders.


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