Driver Purposely Hits Highway Patrol Trooper


Most of the time when people notice a cop car when driving, they’ll slow down to ensure they’re not pulled over. One man decided to do the complete opposite, channeling his anger into running right into a trooper’s patrol car.

Trooper Bernex Vincent was working an off-duty detail in a construction zone in the late evening. He was situated in the right lane of the northbound I-95, south of Interstate 595. The only lane open was the left lane since all the others were within the construction area.

The trooper’s patrol vehicle had its emergency lights on while parked in the lane closure. According to Florida Highway Patrol, a 2011 white Subaru Outback was driving through the traffic cones and entered the closed lanes. It was then that Tate Turner noticed the patrol car and slammed into the rear of it.

Shocked at the incident, Vincent exited his patrol car and approached Turner in his Subaru. The trooper said that Turner did not have any obvious injuries but after a few minutes of silence, the man stated that he struck the patrol vehicle on purpose so that he could be taken to jail. He refused to go into any further detail.

The west Boca Raton man was taken into custody and faces charges of aggravated assault on a law enforcement officer, aggravated battery on a law enforcement officer and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. He was also cited for driving around barricades.

Turner was driving to Hallandale Beach when he decided to turn around and head back to his home in Boca Raton. He had no injuries, or medical conditions and had not consumed any alcohol or narcotics.

After being cleared by medical staff for potential injuries, Turner was later taken to the Broward County Jail.


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