Driver Regrets Parking New SUV Under Waterfall

Arun Pawar, a YouTuber from India, assumed that a sunroof can withstand the strong flow of the waterfall and he didn’t hesitate to park his vehicle under the mountain waterfall. He spotted a natural waterfall on the roadside and thought the location would suffice for a cash wash for the Mahindra Scorpio N SUV.

Although he checked to close the sunroof, water started pouring inside the seats through the roof-mounted speakers and the cabin lamp. Water drenched the interior of the car including the cubby holes, upholstery, electrical components, and the centre console. Instead of a squeaky clean vehicle, the driver put his vehicle at a heightened risk of short circuits.

When Pawar observed the water gushing into his car, he immediately shifted the car away from the waterfall. He overestimated the capabilities of the sunroof and he shared his unfortunate turn of events in a video on his YouTube channel.

In the clip, people can bear witness to the water leakage with the inside of the car soaked with water. Water trickled in through the car’s roof, cabin lights, and speakers.

The sunroof leak could be the result of a design flaw, which causes the water to enter through the sunroof seal. The issue can cause significant damage to the car’s interior and lead to electrical malfunctions.

To err on the safe side, drivers are advised to avoid parking under the waterfall. Rather than testing the vehicle’s capabilities, it might be wise to play it safe with a different parking spot.