Driver Spots Snake on Van While Doing 70mph


Charles Bristow was casually travelling down the M5 towards Staffordshire with his father and cousin when he noticed the slithering snake on the hood of his van.

Bristow’s father was the first to spot the snake and said: “Oh my god there is a f***ing snake there.” Even then, Bristow didn’t believe his father and took about ten seconds to react to the news. He documented the event on TikTok, which shows him leaning over his father to get a better view of the creature.

Originally, the snake was gliding along the hood of their van before making its way onto the right-wing mirror. As the snake moves closer, the passengers in the vehicle get more restless, with one heard saying: “Jesus Christ, I don’t think I have ever seen a snake.”

The entire time, the snake slithers across the van with its tongue sticking out. Snakes are known to do this to smell their surroundings and warn off other predators.

After running out of room on the side of the van, the snake attempts to curl back around to the hood. The group attempted to pull off to the side of the highway, but “there wasn’t a hard shoulder” to do so safely. Unfortunately, the reptile fell from the vehicle while trying to make its move back to the car hood.

Charles’ video was viewed over 25,000 times, with comments from a wide number of viewers. One user said: “I’m going to pretend there’s a part 2 and the little guy is ok.”

Others were upset the group didn’t just let the snake inside. Another user commented: “You should have opened the window and let him in. He’s just a harmless grass snake.”


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