Drug Dealer Exposed For Hiding Drugs in Fake Pregnant Belly

Spotting a pregnant woman rarely spurs thoughts of drugs. Some drug dealers have now used this vulnerability to their advantage.

Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem were caught trafficking over 1,500 grams of cocaine through South Carolina and the drugs were hidden in a fake pregnancy belly, attached to the stomach of Mitchem.

Credit: Anderson County Sheriff’s Office

Based on the Anderson County Sheriff’s Office reports, deputies pulled over Anthony Miller and Cemeka Mitchem as part of a “proactive patrol” on Interstate 85. The police were suspicious when the two suspects provided two different dates to the officer’s question about the pregnant woman’s due date. Once the pair realized the cops weren’t convinced by their lies, Michem ran away from the car.

Her secret was exposed as the fake stomach fell out when she fled on foot and the officers eventually caught up to her. They seized the contraband in the process and discovered the couple was hiding more than 1,500 grams of cocaine during the traffic stop.

The duo have been locked up and are facing cocaine-trafficking charges.