Drunk Buyer Earns $88,000 in Profit


Drunk nights can lead to questionable decisions and regrettable hangovers. For Gareth Palmer, the booze set him up for success with a profitable investment.

The 62-year-old man bought a large piece of artwork in October 2021 for $23,500 and had to pay additional fees for delivery and police escort. It was worth it though — the current selling price could bring him a whopping $117,800. Palmer believes he could sell the stainless-steel structure for $117,800 when it goes under the hammer at Hansons Auctioneers.

The sculpture is called Twisting by the Pool and the artist behind the creation is Malcolm Robertson.

Palmer made this online purchase on eBay where he accidentally bid against himself after downing an entire bottle of wine. He increased the price on the offer mistakenly assuming that there was a higher bidder auctioning against him. Palmer said: “The price kept going up and I thought I’d been outbid. Then I realized I was bidding against myself.”

He added: “I have two eBay accounts, one on my iPad and one on my iPhone. I eventually outbid myself and won it.”

Palmer believes this is the first time one of Malcolm’s sculptures has become available to buy at a traditional auction. He said: “‘He’s so highly regarded he is always commissioned. I’m also told that Twisting by the Pool originally cost £70,000 when it was made 26 years ago. I’m hoping for a Del Boy moment at the auction where you’ll see me fall over backwards with shock as the hammer falls. That’s what I want.”

Karl Martin, a valuer at Hansons, agrees that it deserves to be on public display.

Martin said: “Robertson uses surreal imagery to create art which is visually striking and unusual. He’s been heavily involved in creating public artworks during his career so it would be fitting if an art connoisseur gave it a new home where people could see and appreciate it.”


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