Drunk Driver Turns Into a Car Salesman


The sky is the limit for an effective salesman. One man tapped into his selling skills after a drunk episode.

Jordon Mattingly was arrested after a breathalyzer test conducted by the police. His test results revealed alcohol levels 3.5 times over the limit. The 30-year-old was the son of Don Mattingly, who worked as the manager of the Miami Marlins baseball team.

Police officers tested Jordon after multiple calls reporting a silver Honda recklessly driving on Lloyd Expressway in Vanderburgh County, Indiana.

According to the police statement: “A caller reported the car had crashed into the Lloyd’s center median at 70 mph before returning to the road and that it was smoking.”

Before getting caught by the officers, Jordan crashed his SUV on the highway and drove the damaged vehicle to a car dealership. He did not mistake the place for a collision center. He was aware of his environment and tried to sell the SUV with a missing tire.

His sales pitch was not compelling, and the sales representatives called the cops to take over this deal.

Mattingly told officers that he was there trying to sell his car and purchase a new vehicle. He claims to have had only one drink even though his tests indicated otherwise.

After the results from the breathalyzer test were revealed, Mattingly admitted he was drinking heavily. However, he refused to confess to the accidents and collisions en route to the dealership. He claimed that the vehicle damage was a result of hitting a pothole two days before the investigation.

Mattingly did receive minor injuries, and paramedics took him to the Deaconess Midtown Hospital for medical attention. During his commute to the hospital, he refused a blood-chemical test, and the officers took him to the Vanderburgh County Jail.

According to police reports, he was charged with “two counts of driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated, one count of public drunkenness and refusal to submit to a chemical test.”

Mattingly will give his sales pitch another try once he’s released and sober.


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