Drunk Man Found Asleep on Top of a Car


Some people just don’t make it to their bed after a crazy night out. A local resident was shocked when he discovered a drunk man passed out on top of a car in his neighborhood.

Tom Selby captured the incident on his CCTV camera. The man was seen in just his socks and underwear with an “outrageously violent wedgie.” It must have been a rough night.

Selby describes himself as a “keen badger watcher,” often turning to his CCTV system to see what the animals get up to in the wee hours of the morning. He heard a noise that was much bigger than a badger and scrolled through the video footage to find out.

“After hearing a little commotion and seeing a few bits on the floor the next morning I scrolled through my CCTV to see what had happened. I stumbled across this man lying on the car with an outrageously violent wedgie,” Selby said.

Credit: Tom Selby

Selby posted a photo of the man on the Sheringham Community Noticeboard Facebook group “for a laugh.” His caption read: “Captured in CCTV, can anyone help me to identify this odd man?”

Several people got quite a laugh out of the situation and commented on the post. One person wrote: “I don’t know, but he looks a bit cheeky.”

Another commented: “Obviously practicing body boarding!”


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