Drunk Man Protests Outside Wrong Hotel


Having a fun night out can lead to some wild times. A man had a bit too much to drink when he decided to lay in front of a hotel in protest because the staff on duty wouldn’t let him to his room. It turns out, he was at the wrong hotel.

Dorset Police responded to a call of an intoxicated man lying on the pavement in protest outside the Premier Inn in Bournemouth. When they arrived at the scene, they found exactly what was reported: an intoxicated man laying sprawled out on the sidewalk outside the hotel.

Thankfully, officers were able to help the man from the pavement and help him to his hotel. It did take them a while though since there are at least five Premier Inns in Bournemouth.

Dorset Police took to social media to share the funny moment. They tweeted: “Officers have dealt with an intoxicated man who was trying to gain entry to a hotel where he didn’t have booking. He laid on the floor in protest. Officers returned him to the hotel he has a booking for over the road.”


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