Drunk Woman Blew Up $10 Million House, Sues Bar for Damages

A Canadian woman was so drunk that she lost control over her senses and it didn’t just result in a bad hangover with embarrassing memories. Her night came with a hefty price tag in the morning when she realized she caused a $10 million house explosion while driving drunk. Rather than taking responsibility for her actions, she shifted the blame to the bar and is now suing them for supplying her with alcoholic beverages.

Daniella Leis was driving home intoxicated from Budweiser Gardens bar in London, Ontario, Canada, after a Marilyn Manson concert. On route, the 26-year-old crashed her Ford Fusion, which was registered under her father’s name, into a home, bursting a gas line. As a result, it created an explosion that destroyed four houses and injured seven people.

The entire neighborhood had to be evacuated with gas and water service shut off in the area. The consequences of her actions caused damages in the neighborhood of $9.8 million to $14.7 million. “The financial impact of Ms. Leis’ actions have been enormous, with a total damage estimate approaching $15 million,” judge George Orsinisaid.

There were no deaths, but of the seven injuries, two of them were police officers and two were firefighters. One firefighter had to stay at the hospital for more than a week.

Credit: Kate Dubinski/CBC News

Daniella and Shawn Leis, her father, have now sued the company, Ovations Ontario Food Services, for supplying the booze that led to her impaired driver. They believe the company should be held liable to parent her poor decisions, as they note in legal documents “ejected Leis from the venue while failing to take steps to ensure she would not drive home.”

Leis claims that the company had served her alcohol while knowing that she was already drunk. She poses a remark on their motives by saying “profit above safety” and the resulting damage was “caused or contributed to by the negligence, breach of duty, breach of contract” by the bar.

The lawsuit states that if the father and daughter are required to pay any amount, then they are “entitled to contribution and indemnity from the defendant [Ovation].”

When the bill was getting too high for this duo, the family strived to bring the company into the troubling situation. It remains unknown whether the pub will pick up the slack.