Drunken Joyride Takes a Turn for the Worst


Riding around Walmart on a motorized cart while drunk sounds like a lot of fun until employees call the cops on you.

One man did just that but took it an extra step further by consuming his goods before purchasing and urinating on the floor of the pet supply aisle. This caused employees to call authorities so the drunken man didn’t just eat and ride around the store all day.

A deputy arrived at the store location, 4469 Washington Road near Augusta, at around 10:30 a.m. where they witnessed the man snacking and riding a motorized buggy through the store.

“I observed him to be drinking the 20 oz can of Natural Ice and another in his basket, along with potato salad and a sandwich he had eaten and tossed the trash on a shelf,” the deputy on duty wrote in their report.

According to the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office, Walmart chose not to prosecute the man for shoplifting the items he consumed in the store since the value was below $25.

The man did get arrested on misdemeanor charges of public drunkenness and public indecency. He was also told he would be arrested if he returned to any Walmart location.


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