Dye Paints Highway Pink


Spills across major highways have been happening all across the United States over the past few weeks. We’ve seen tomatoes and alfredo sauce adorn the roads but now a freeway has been painted pink after dye spilled from a trailer.

A tractor-trailer carrying clothing dye was involved in a crash on Interstate 85 in South Carolina, between Highway 129 and Highway 29. The crash caused the truck to spill its entire load of dye, covering two out of three lanes and turning the roadway a mix of bright pink and purple. Motorists in the area reported traffic was backed up “at least 10 miles.”

Spartanburg County Emergency Management posted about the incident on Facebook and made sure to feature photos of the newly colored road. The caption read: “Please avoid 85S between 129 and Hwy 29 if at all possible. There’s been a spill of organic textile/clothing dye in 2 of the 3 lanes. Will be a while before a contractor cleans it up, and traffic is backed up. While the colors are pretty, we’re pretty sure you don’t want it on your car!”

Authorities stressed that the dye was non-hazardous and knew of the dangers due to the proximity of this spill to the North Tyger River. “Due to a recent traffic accident on Interstate 85, a large quantity of non-toxic, biodegradable coloring dye was released on the roadway.

“Due to the proximity of this spill to the North Tyger River, there could be a colorful sheen on the North Tyger River surface for the next few days. Please know that we are aware of this and it does not present any harm to the environment, nor to people, nor to aquatic wildlife,” authorities said.


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