Earthquake Interrupts Parliament Meeting


Mother Nature answers the dilemma that lawmakers face: Is it worth paying for earthquake insurance? What are the advantages and disadvantages of investing in the insurance? In the midst of this debate among lawmakers, two earthquakes hit Liechtenstein in the small Alpine principality.

Lawmaker Bettina Petzold-Maehr was explaining that there was a high prevalence of earthquakes and she warned that Liechtenstein citizens were at a heightened risk of the natural disasters. Her argument was more compelling when an earthquake hit while she was giving the speech. It’s hard not to buy into her plea for earthquake support when the grounds were shaking.

Petzold-Maehr laughed at the turn of events and went on with her speech when a second earthquake hit stronger leaving the room shaking by the force.

“This is getting a bit much; you never know if there’ll be aftershocks,” speaker Albert Frick said, announcing a break from the chaos.

Liechtenstein police reported no injuries or damage and gave a magnitude of 3.9 for the quake.

There is no reason to debate the insurance topic further as the witnessed earthquakes are compelling reasons to settle the matters in favor of the insurance. It’s challenging to fight for the disadvantages of the insurance when the building hosting the meeting may collapse.


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