Eat Up Those Raw Eggs


Eating raw eggs isn’t appetizing to most people so it’s easy to see why a company in China has sparked controversy online by forcing employees to them as punishment.

A second-year university student with the surname Du posted online to complain about his experience working as an intern for a tech company in Zhengzhou. He claimed that the business had a rule in place where employees had to swallow raw eggs if they didn’t meet expectations or get enough orders in a set period of time.

When Du refused to obey the rule, his internship was terminated. The reason management used when absolving the working relationship was “personal reasons,” meaning the company was excluded from any wrongdoing.

Another video was also shared online anonymously showing employees of the company nauseous while trying to swallow the raw eggs. People said that the practice was inhumane and called for those responsible to be brought down.

The company which has not yet been named publically has not seemed bothered by the backlash online. Apparently, eating raw eggs is actually clearly mentioned in their employee handbook, which means all employees are required to follow along.

As of this posting, the labor inspection brigade of Jinshui District, Zhengzhou City, is reportedly investigating this case but it’s looks like legal experts will need more than Du’s testimony. His unpaid internship doesn’t technically qualify as employment in China so it doesn’t fall under labor laws. If any other employees testified against the company, that would be another story.

Du also explained that eating raw eggs is used as a form of motivation within the company since most people would never want to experience the sensation. This has since been confirmed by management.

“Employees are responsible for the results in the sales process, and rewards and punishments are also clearly defined in the process of implementation. Without them, day-to-day management is impossible,” the company’s management said in a statement.

Motivational tool or just plain gross?


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