Eco-Activist Finds Himself in a Sticky Situation


A climate change activist group called Just Stop Oil has been blocking oil terminals in the U.K., demanding the government stops new oil and gas projects. The group has made the news for the lengths that they will go in order to stand against expanding oil and gas production in the U.K.

They’ve even gone so far as to tie themselves to goalposts during Premier League games, locking themselves onto oil drums and even gluing themselves onto roadways in order to block access to the oil terminals.

But 22-year-old student and anti-oil activist Nathan McGovern took it to another level by appearing on an LBC News talk radio show hosted by Tom Swarbrick. The two had been discussing climate change and other interventions planned by Just Stop Oil when Mr. McGovern decided to take action right there on the live broadcast, claiming that media outlets such as LBC have failed to hold the government accountable for the climate emergency.

McGovern pulled out a glue stick, poured glue onto his hand and then grabbed the microphone in front of him. Swarbrick kept his composure and even smiled about the situation, but the show was taken off the air for several minutes in order to move to a different location.

McGovern issued a statement afterwards that included this quote: “The media has a duty and obligation to hold the government to account and sound the alarm on the emergency we are in but refuses to do so.

“If they won’t use their microphone to fight for ordinary people, ordinary people like me will.”

The best comment about the situation may have come from Swarbrick himself who posted and then apparently deleted this note from Twitter: “The irony, of course, is that glue is an oil-based product…”


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