Elderly Couple Sues Son for Not Having Children


When discussing the topic of whether or not to have children, parents will put on some pressure so they can have grandchildren. One elderly couple is taking that to the next step by suing their son for $650,000 unless he has a child.

The couple in India is demanding that their son and daughter-in-law have a grandchild within the next year or there will be extreme financial consequences. The son and daughter-in-law currently live in different cities because of their jobs, making it difficult to have a child.

The father explained that he and his wife only have one child. “I spent all my savings on his upbringing and education. I sent him to the US in 2006 for a pilot training course… He returned to India in 2007 due to the economic recession abroad. He had lost his job and could not find another for over two years. I supported him financially during this period as well,” the father said.

The elderly couple came to the number of $650,000 for their compensation because it includes what they spent to raise their son, send him to flight school and the cost of his wedding reception and honeymoon.

“We finally got him married in 2016 with the hope that we would get us a grandchild to play with in our retirement age. However, almost six years have passed and there is no child. We are facing immense mental harassment,” the father said.

The couple’s counsel, Arvind Srivastava, claimed that this lawsuit is the first of its kind in the Indian state of Uttarakhand, and most likely in the entire country.

The son has yet to comment on the case.


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