Elderly Woman Steals Jacket From Picasso Museum


A 72-year-old woman was arrested for stealing an exhibited jacket from the Musée Picasso in Paris. The jacket was part of a piece by Catalan artist Oriol Vilanova, who fills work jackets with postcards depicting artworks by major figures in art history that visitors can remove and look at.

In the exhibit at the Musée Picasso, the jacket was filled with postcards purchased at flea markets and museum shops, all with images of Picasso’s work.

The elderly woman visited the museum in late March 2022 and was captured on the security camera putting the blue work jacket in her bag. She took the jacket home with her and also had it altered at the tailor’s so it would fit better.

After returning to the museum to revisit the show, the woman was arrested by police, who were also at the museum looking for evidence for this case. While in custody, the art-loving thief confessed to stealing the jacket but claimed she didn’t realize it was a piece of artwork itself.

Police searched her home to retrieve the jacket and found it with shortened sleeves. The public prosecutor’s office let the woman off with a warning and dropped the case completely but she has since been placed under guardianship.


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