Emotional Support Alligator Showers Love


Service dogs are too basic, it’s worth switching things up for the animal lover with special needs. An emotional support alligator is ready to deliver secure attachment to the handler with its gentle nature.

LOVE Park visitors in Philadelphia were entertaining a reptile guest who was having a blast splashing around the water park and cooling off with the misty sprinklers.

Britt Miller had an unusual surprise when she was walking with her daughter and spotted crowds gathering around to observe the animal’s open bath. “We were just walking by LOVE Park and saw this kid playing with an alligator in the fountain,” Miller said. “Of course, there was a ton of people around taking pictures. The girl (who had the alligator) seemed to be with her family, who were sitting off to the side. They were super friendly. People were picking up the alligator, petting it, all sorts of stuff.”

Wally, the name of the gator, is seven-years-old and measures approximately five feet in length. She was unfazed by the attention and took the spotlight well. “It seemed totally calm, I guess, for an alligator, you know? It wasn’t reacting at all,” Miller said.

Miller was confident in the gator’s temperament that she let her three-month-old baby pet the wild animal. Wally was not interested in snacking on baby flesh, so it worked out well.

Wally remains in the public eye with press coverage as the leading vote-getter in America’s Favorite Pet Animal Kingdom, a popularity contest that supports animal rescue and rehabilitation. The winner of the contest receives $10,000. 

Alligators are one of the most vicious predators on the planet, but Wally is an exception as it was far from threatening. This gator will happily skip the lake for a water park with admirers.


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