Employee Paid 286 Times His Salary Skips Town


What would you do if you were accidentally paid 286 times your salary? A Chilean man was given the opportunity to do whatever he pleased when he was given way more than his normal paycheck. He ended up resigning from the company and completely vanished after promising to return the money.

The mistake occurred at the end of May 2022, when an office assistant at Cial reached out to a deputy manager to report an error in his monthly payment. After checking the account, the person noticed that they had been paid millions of pesos and wanted to clear up the issue.

By accident, Chile’s largest producer of cold cuts, Consorcio Industrial de Alimentos (Cial), paid the employee 165,398,851 Chilean pesos ($180,000) instead of the 500,000 pesos ($542) that they were entitled to.

After confirming that they had paid the employee around 286 times their monthly salary by mistake, they informed the man he needed to return the money paid in excess. Originally, the worker did agree to go to their bank early the next day and refund their employer. Instead, they disappeared.

The financial department at Cial tried contacting the worker again after they were not notified by the bank about the refund. Their messages went unanswered until the worker did decide to get back in touch, only to claim that he had overslept that day and would visit the bank soon.

That was never going to happen and a few days later, the employee handed in their resignation through a law firm.

With that large amount of money missing, the cold cut giant has resulted in hiring a lawyer to try to recover the losses from the mistake. They will attempt to recover the $180,000 they paid to the employee.


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