Emu Causes Wild Goose Chase


Emus have always been known as pesky animals to deal with. It comes as no surprise that an emu escaped in North Houston, blocking traffic as it hit the streets.

The Houston Police Department said they responded to a traffic hazard around 3:50 p.m. I’m sure no one expected they would be trying to remove an emu from traffic during their shift. The bird was seen near and around the intersection of Imperial Valley Drive and Esplanade Boulevard in North Houston.

Social media definitely had something to say about the bird’s escape or the best campaign for Liberty Mutual yet. Who knows? The majority of people did mistake the large, flightless bird for an ostrich but they are forgiven.

One Twitter user posted a video from her car of the emu trying to make its way through traffic at the intersection of Beltway 8 and Imperial Valley Drive. In the video, vehicles are able to safely maneuver away from the emu as it bobbed and weaved through oncoming traffic.

“Y’all it’s a whole ostrich in the street,” she said in the video as she chuckled. “Oh my goodness. Whose ostrich escaped?”

A few other videos surfaced of the emu in other parts of North Houston before police were able to eventually corral the emu and release it to its owner.


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