Epic Robbery Fail With a Faulty Brick


Planning is crucial to pulling off a successful robbery because the last thing you want is a useless weapon that fails to do the job. Imagine trying to shatter the glass with numerous swings only to find the glass still intact protecting the valuables in its case.

A Wisconsin criminal had a poorly executed robbery attempt where he tried to smash the glass jewelry case nine times. Instead of the glass breaking, it was too sturdy and he could not get his hands on the jewelry. The employee chased him out of the store with a pole. He fled the scene in a tan Chevrolet Malibu with no license plate.

He made no effort to protect his identity with his bright red shirt and shoes. He had on sunglasses to get captured in style while struggling with the break-in.

The suspect gave it his best shot but he walked away with no valuables. The bold employee chased him down instead of hiding from the criminal. The suspect got lucky as any delay in his escape could have had him with a black eye if the employee struck him with the pole.

Menomonee Falls Police Department released a video of the incident to the public in the hope that it will assist them in identifying and tracking the suspect. Captain Gene Neyhart said: “The video has become popular if not viral… I think, sometimes when you have a crime committed midday, a blatant offense like that is always concerning to the public.”

There was nothing subtle about this incident. This man will toss the brick aside as he revisits the drawing board. For round two of the robbery, the suspect can try swinging with a sharper tool. The employee’s pole is not a bad alternative.


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