Escaped Goats and Sheep Wander Onto Virginia Interstate

The worst place an animal can wander is a busy highway. A group of around nine goats and sheep escaped from their owner’s farm and ended up wandering onto an interstate in Virginia.

Virginia State Police posted on Facebook that the animals had initially escaped from their owner’s property in Chesapeake, Virginia. They somehow managed to get around the sound barrier wall by the High Rise Bridge and onto Interstate 64.

When police arrived, they discovered the goats and sheep wandering loose on a busy stretch of the highway. According to the VSP, troopers “weren’t ‘kid-ding’ around this evening when it came to protecting some wayward travelers on I-64 near the High Rise Bridge in the City of Chesapeake.”

Fortunately, the animals were not injured and no reports of traffic incidents were made. Chesapeake Animal Control also arrived on the scene and was able to return the goats and sheep to their home.

“Why did the goats and sheep sneak around the sound barrier wall near their farm? To see what was on the other side, apparently,” VSP joked online.