Escaped Pig Gets Lured Home With Fruit Snacks

While fruit snacks are a sweet treat, apparently it’s not just humans that enjoy them. An owner of a 300-pound pig was able to get the animal back by using fruit snacks.

The Green Bay Police Department wrote on Facebook that officers responded to reports of a loose pig on May 15, 2023. They then went door-to-door in order to find the owner of the pig found wandering loose through the Wisconsin neighborhood.

“When Albert was questioned as to where he lived, his snout wasn’t pointing him in the right direction,” the post said.

A neighbor was finally able to identify Albert the pig’s owner, who was then summoned to where the pig was located. The owner used fruit snacks to lure the potbellied pig home, which turned out to be a success.

Police reported that Albert had escaped through a gate that had accidentally been left open. “This evening, all can rest at ease, as Albert, who lost his way, is now fast asleep, snoring in the hay,” the post said.