Ex-Employee Shuts Down Police Website


Feeling sour after being let go is pretty normal but getting revenge on your former employer is definitely out of the ordinary. A disgruntled former city employee from a Boston suburb shut down the police website during a pay dispute.

The former employee was the police department information technology director, according to Newton Mayor Ruthanne Fuller. The department website was taken down in late June and July and instead director visitors to a message that told them to contact Fuller to restore it.

The employee controls access to the website and has not turned it over to the city, making it difficult to try to regain access. Instead, Newton created a new police department website, with the old website no longer active.

Fuller issued a statement that said the employee shut down “a vital resource for the residents of the city of Newton.” In March 2022, the employee notified city officials he was leaving his job because he felt he was owed $137,000 in compensatory time when he shut down the website.

The employee also released a statement, which said he was “disheartened by the city’s representation of the facts in this matter.” He let officials know he would work with the city to resolve the problem.


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