Ex-Little Caesars Pizza Employee Shoots Manager After She Wasn’t Rehired


This technique probably isn’t the best way to ask for your job back. An employee that was fired from a Little Caesars Pizza attempted to get rehired but ended up shooting the manager instead.

Angel Kidd was arrested by Cincinnati police on a felonious assault charge. According to a police statement, the 27-year-old “returned to the business after being fired and requested her job back.”

“After being told she would not be re-hired she began fighting the store manager in the parking lot. During the struggle (Kidd) pulled a gun and shot the store manager in the left leg. (She) fled the scene in a blue SUV,” police said.

The shooting was reported at Little Caesars eatery on Vine Street in the Hartwell community. Per police, the manager was taken to the University of Cincinnati Medical Center and underwent surgery.

Kidd was booked into the Hamilton County Justice Center and her bond was set at $500,000 during her arraignment. Her attorney requested that the judge lower the bond since Kidd has never had a criminal history up until this incident.

Police also mentioned the business was open at the time the shooting occurred but it was unclear as to whether or not any customers were inside.


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