Exorcists Need Help Fighting Off Demons


It’s not just medical professionals who feel overworked and under-supported during the pandemic stresses. Catholic exorcists are struggling with the growing demand and a short supply. They may have dug themselves a grave by working till exhaustion to keep the demons at bay.

A Vatican-approved religious university in Rome conducted a survey where researchers spoke to 120 Italian exorcists. They reported a lack of assistance from bishops. It is physically and mentally draining to zap people back to their senses without a robust support system.

A struggle that exorcists face is the distinction between mentally unstable people and demonically possessed people gets blurred. Exorcists must seek advice and support from psychologists to rule out the possibility of an underlying medical condition. The last thing we need is psychologists treating demons and exorcists treating mental health conditions.

Here’s a tip for making the distinction. If the victim is physically abusive and lashing out in Latin or Hebrew randomly, they are likely possessed by demons. Cancel the specialist appointment and save the psychologist some drama.

In one case, Father Giuseppe Bernardi engaged in exorcism activities for nine hours on a woman who cursed in Latin and assaulted monks. Her father believed the cause of her suffering was a psychiatric condition. Bernardi and her mother felt it was demonic possession.

Bernardi had to take the medical route and reached out to psychologists to determine the cause of her condition. The bishops failed to assist in supporting the case.

This situation is not out of the norm. The lack of support from bishops is a common experience among other exorcists. Bishops offer minimal assistance in addressing the possessed Catholics.

Exorcists are on their own and expected to perform exorcisms on people with COVID-19. If they do not get attacked by demons, there is a good chance they could walk away with the virus.

Bishops need to aid the exorcists before their situation deteriorates further. The world is packed with more crazy people than they can handle.


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