Family Brawl With a Side of Chinese Takeout


Having a family argument over Chinese food is probably not the best way to go. A beef with some broccoli ended with criminal charges when a man and his daughter were accused of battering a third family member.

The fight broke out at a residence in Wildwood, Florida, where Bruce Schell, his wife, daughter and son all live. Officers from the Wildwood Police Department identified Schell’s son as the battery victim.

According to the arrest report, the family had “ordered Chinese food but the takeout containers were not labeled,” which apparently upset Schell since he did not know “which container of food was his.” This caused confusion, leading to the son eating his father’s food unknowingly.

A fight broke out between Schell, his daughter Atlantis and the son. The dispute turned violent when the victim’s sister began punching him in the face. Schell eventually joined in, putting his son in a chokehold.

Schell’s wife told the authorities she was in her bedroom when she heard “crashing and yelling in the kitchen area.” When she entered the kitchen, she saw Atlantis beating the victim, who was being choked by Schell. The brawl only stopped after she called 911.

Officers who arrived at the scene reported the victim had red marks on the front side of his neck and fresh bruising and redness around his eye. Both Schell and Atlantis were arrested for misdemeanor battery. Schell was also charged with domestic battery by strangulation. Each defendant bonded out of the Sumter County jail.


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