Family Brawls Over Cheese-In-A-Can


Family arguments can happen over almost anything, even with something as simple as cheese. It’s best to keep those disagreements to a minimum instead of erupting into an all-out war between the household.

West Monroe Police had to get involved with a family dispute after a call over a disturbance. Only once officers made contact with the family did they find out what started the fight in the first place: spray cheese, otherwise known as cheese-in-a-can.

This fight was pretty big too. It was reported that a 19-year-old named Princess Ariana Williams struck one of her siblings in the stomach several times. It’s unclear how the brawl escalated to the cops having to be called but we can all use our imagination.

After hitting her sibling in the stomach, the 19-year-old then allegedly chased the victim around the yard with a taser. It must have been some really delicious spray cheese for a taser to be brought to the party.

Williams claimed that she never struck the victim but she was placed under arrest and taken to the Ouachita Correctional Center where she was charged with simple battery and aggravated assault.


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