Family of Rattlesnakes Found in Pool Noodle


As the weather gets warmer and the days get longer, more and more people are heading to pools and beaches to soak up some sun. When dusting off the water toys, be on the lookout for animals lurking inside.

One Texas family had an unpleasant experience when they picked up a pool noodle to find a large rattlesnake and her baby rattlers nestled inside. Rattlesnakes are quite common in Texas with the copperhead, the cottonmouth and the coral snake being the most common.

The Salado Texas Volunteer Fire Department was called in to assist with the relocation of the animals and to ensure the family’s safety.

It’s suggested that pool toys are kept either elevated or in a sealed container to prevent animals from trying to make a nest during the winter months. Also, it’s advised that pool noodles are not placed around bushes or blocking fences.

The department warned that if you do come across a rattlesnake, back away slowly. If a snake does bite you, stay calm and head to the hospital as soon as possible. Be able to describe the snake to hospital staff as best as you can. Do not try to cut the wound, suck the venom out or try to capture the snake.


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