Family Reunion With Mistress and Secret Child


The instincts of women can be strong and lead to surprising discoveries that have been hidden for years.

A lady in Taiwan shared her story anonymously on a public forum to vent her emotions. In her post, she revealed that she took her five-year-old son to his kindergarten class and she was caught off guard when she bumped into his classmate. The young girl resembled her spouse. To her horror, it was not just a coincidence. Her husband was trying to fill up the classroom with his offspring as it turns out that the girl’s mom is her husband’s mistress.

The mistress is not a new character in the story, as the wife knew about her five years ago. The unfaithful husband was caught having an affair. At the time, she was pregnant with their first child and for the sake of her future child, she decided to let the issue slide after the mistress and spouse asked for forgiveness. The mistress assured her that she would move far away from them and cut ties on the budding romance.

The hidden plot twist was that the mistress was also pregnant at the time. Flash forward to the present situation and she lives in the same town with his daughter.

The furious wife interrogated her husband after the new findings and he was initially avoiding the topic. What could he really say? Congratulations on a stepdaughter!

The wife wrote: “I see that there must be something wrong with the way he was dodging the topic. I asked him if the child was his, and he didn’t reply. I asked him if he was still in contact with the mistress secretly, and he even called me ‘crazy’ when he was not answering me.”

She was devastated by the longstanding infidelity and moved back to her parent’s place. Her husband showed up for another round of forgiveness, but she refused to let history repeat itself.

She wrote: “Whether I forgive him, I shall wait and see.”

The surprise for readers is that the wife is expecting a second child, and she is six months pregnant. This newborn could be lucky as the dad could have more playmates waiting to greet the baby.


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