Father Of The Year Ditches The Family For A Ukrainian Refugee


Romantic love can be blinding where the feelings of the heart take precedence over any rational thinking. After all, who cares if your lover has a partner and two children?

Tony Garnett, a 29-year-old security guard in Bradford, England, left his partner of a decade, Lorna, a 28-year-old, after falling madly in love with Sofiia Karkadym, a 22-year-old IT manager.

To assist in helping in some way, Garnett signed up for the government refugee homing scheme as the Russian invasion of Ukraine worsened. The application process was moving slowly, and he offered his help on social media. That’s when he met Sofiia on Facebook, and he became her U.K. sponsor.

Karkadym fled the city of Lviv at the onset of the war, traveling to Poland, then Berlin, where she waited for clearance on her visa. Once she got it, she flew to Manchester airport to move in with Garnett and his family in Bradford.

It was love at first sight for this young lady, and she felt that she was not the only one who needed an exit plan from a distressful situation.

Karkadym confessed: “As soon as I saw him I fancied him. It’s been very quick but this is our love story. I could see how unhappy Tony was.”

It is not every day that a refugee without a home turns into a homewrecker. It took ten days of loving encounters to burn this marriage.

“We’re sorry for the pain we’ve caused but I’ve discovered a connection with Sofiia like I’ve never had before,” Garnett announced.

He added: “I know people will think this has happened so fast, but Sofiia and I know this is right.

“If we were invaded we’d hope the rest of the world would step in to help us. That’s all I wanted to do, but things have taken a very unexpected twist.”

Lorna did express frustrations about their growing bond.

Tony says: “She started to get very jealous and was having major arguments with Sofiia, asking her why she was with me all the time and ‘Why are you following him around?’. The atmosphere was getting really bad, and Sofiia told me she didn’t know whether she could continue to live with us under these circumstances.

“Lorna was never that enthusiastic about having a refugee in our home because it meant the girls had to move into one room.

“But seeing that we were becoming close was too much. It came to a head last Saturday when she really went for Sofiia, yelling at her, using some harsh language that left her in tears. She said she didn’t feel she could stay under our roof anymore and something inside me clicked.

“I told Lorna, ‘If she’s going, I’m going.’ I knew I couldn’t give her up and all of a sudden it seemed like a no-brainer.”

The couple walked out to build a new life. Karkadym has begun to apply for a permanent visa, and they are searching for a new home. On the other hand, Lorna is still depressed and is now coming to terms with her break-up.

Our heads are scratching. Is this love or infatuation? The passage of time will reveal all answers.


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