Feed an Alligator if You Hate Your Friend


Animal attacks can leave the victims with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) for years. The fear and anxiety remain long after the wound is addressed. If you have frenemies that could use a reality check, take them for a swim in Lake Thonotosassa located in Hillsborough County.

A witness near that area spotted a man swimming along the northern shoreline of Lake Thonotosassa. He was distant from the swimmer and could not observe the cause behind the sign of his distress.

“I didn’t know what had happened I thought maybe he hit a rock or maybe there was something that spooked him,” he said.

Closer observation later revealed that he had been attacked by an alligator. “It was pretty gnarly, it was definitely an alligator bite on his face. He had a big gash on his face and he had a towel covering his wound and then he said that they called 911. And I had a med kit in my car so I gave him gauze and an emergency kit to stop the bleeding and then the ambulance showed up,” the witness said.

Hillsborough County Fire Rescue, FWC, and the Hillsborough County Sheriff’s Office promptly showed up at the lake. Fire officials found him in critical condition while alligator trappers made their way to the lake to find the culprit. As of July 25, FWC reported a total of 16 alligator bite incidents.

Experts explained that alligators are fearful of people and avoid close interactions. However, when people start feeding them, their fear subsides while a hungry appetite emerges. They will eat the people near those feeding hands so save those good deeds for a more rewarding situation.

Alligator moms are protective of their offspring and they will attack when the opportunity presents itself.

“It’s usually not the person feeding the gator that gets bit, it’s somebody that doesn’t even know there’s a gator there that ends up getting bit,” said ZooTampa Associate Curator of Reptiles & Fish, Dan Costell.

Take those fake friends for a swim. Feed the animals and step aside for nature to settle the karmic ties.


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