Feeding Ducks May Lead to Getting Sued


Despite being adorable animals, a couple has learned their lesson after they were sued by a Texas homeowners association for feeding ducks near their home.

George and Kathleen Rowe are two retirees from Cypress that feed ducks in their spare time. The couple started feeding the animals because they believed the birds had been “dumped” in the area without necessary survival skills, prompting the pair to feed them.

However, the Lakeland Village Community Association had other ideas. They claim that the Rowes’ habit has impacted other residents, with the itinerant waterfowl allegedly causing extensive property damage. Local homeowners said that the ducks “tear up gardens with their beaks” and routinely defecate on homes, vehicles, and other private properties. Sounds like quite the mess.

If the lawsuit goes through, a court-ordered injunction will be handed out prohibiting the couple from feeding the animals, as well as a $250,000 fine. The Lakeland Village Community Association is also asking that if the couple cannot afford to pay the damages, they be allowed to foreclose their home.

“We didn’t have the $250,000, so we have to be prepared in case that’s what it’s going to cost,” Kathleen Rowe said.

The couple moved into their current home after the death of their adult daughter. In two years, the Lakeland Village Community Association has never raised a complaint. It was only after residents began making a fuss about the animals that the association had to step in.

The United States Department of Agriculture warns against feeding ducks and other wildlife as human food is not healthy for wild animals.


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