Ferrari Owner Crashes Brand New $250,000 Supercar on Same Day of Purchase


The proud owner of a Ferrari 488 was involved in a major collision in Derby, England, that left his new pride and joy a mangled wreck. Photos shared by the police show the $250,000 supercar’s hood crumpled, along with scratches all across the sports car.

The owner left the dealership in the morning, only to crash the flashy red supercar two miles up the road. The accident occurred after the car came off the road and hit the steel side railing. Thankfully, the driver walked away from the crash uninjured but is surely counting the cost of this accident.

No other vehicles were involved in the accident and the driver arranged for their own recovery.

A Derbyshire Police spokesman said, “East Midlands Ambulance service alerted us to reports of a collision on St Alkmund’s Way in Derby just before 11am today.”

Derbyshire Roads Policing Unit took to Twitter and wrote, “Derby. 1st April. Driver bought a Ferrari this morning and crashed it after driving it less than 2 miles. No injuries. #DriveToArrive”

One Twitter user replied, “I take it due to the fact the car facing the wrong way. He’s given it a bit too much gas?”

Multiple others commented on the accident, noting how stunned they were that someone could destroy such an expensive purchase so quickly.

A very expensive crash indeed.

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