Fiancé Not Worth the Cost of Dinner


If a man demands the lady to pay for everyone’s meal, she is better off walking away for good. Feeding mouths by choice is one thing but feeling obligated to do so is a different story.

A Reddit user shared her doubts to gain more perspective on her difficult situation with her fiancé. A 33-year-old woman was engaged to her 37-year-old fiancé for five months. Their way of handling financial conflicts took a toll on their relationship. The lady got a raise due to a job promotion and now earns 30 percent more than her man. His ego could not come to terms with the pay gap so he used the raise to manipulate her into paying more for their shared expenses.

Tension was building and a restaurant meal with his buddies was the final straw to their dying relationship. She went for dinner with his friends and the meal was great until he told her to pay for the food. When she refused, he reminded her of the pay stub “you have enough money you could pay for everyone’s food, 30 percent remember?”

A woman who knows her worth can have millions stacked up in the bank but still refuse to drop a dime on a low-value man. She got the bill and paid for her portion of the food, then she excused herself to the washroom and never returned to the table. The puzzled men were stuck with a long bill and empty pockets. The man called his brother to pick up the tab.

Her fiancé bombarded her with phone calls and text messages to reconnect after the embarrassing dining experience. Using the manipulation tactics of shame and projection, he called her “selfish, irrational, cheapskate, and childish” for leaving the boys hanging with the bill.

The freeloader’s friends took the man’s side and told him to reconsider his decision to marry the woman.

She is stuck with a question: “Am I the asshole for what I did? Is what he’s expecting from me fair or justified?”

People advised her to run away as this is an unhealthy dynamic with red flags. The man is toxic and not worth it. His brother might be more suitable since he can at least afford a meal.

Marriage should not be on the agenda unless she wants to do social service by feeding his entire village.


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