Fine Increases for Slow Left-Lane Drivers

Driving slowly on the highway can be just as dangerous as going over the speed limit. To combat people driving slow in the left lanes of interstates and other multilane highways, South Carolina introduced a bill to increase the fine.

A Senate subcommittee approved increasing the fine from $25 to up to $100 and giving most of the increased amount to the state Highway Patrol. While lawmakers did pass a similar “slowpoke” bill in 2021, they wanted to increase the fine to ensure slower drivers steer clear of the left lane.

Over the span of a year, state troopers have written nearly 500 tickets. This got the attention of senators on the subcommittee as they reported to notice compliance when the law was first passed. Still, some slower drivers have started to creep back into the left lane, making it necessary for a tougher penalty to be involved.

The new law requires drivers in the left lane to move over if a car comes up behind them and the right lane is clear. Drivers need not worry as the fine is not a criminal penalty and doesn’t get reported to a driving record.

Source: https://www.scstatehouse.gov/sess125_2023-2024/bills/304.htm