Firefighters Fight Fire, Not Bats


Firefighters can maintain a poker face while working in stressful environments with high stakes and lives on the line. They are experts in mitigating situations that involve fire hazards. However, steering away bats was not a responsibility outlined in the job contract. When bats fly around the fire station, the firefighters drop the extinguishers and run towards the nearest exit for their escape.

Fire Station 30 on Old Highway 395 in Washoe Valley, Nevada, was forced to shut down after bats took over the operations. For these bats, dark caves do not live up to the comforts of the station amenities.

The full-time firefighters witnessed bats flying around the living quarters and hitting the front screen door. They were noisy intruders who had no plans to leave while they situated themselves in the walls and attics.

If any firefighters had a phobia of bats, they had no choice but to face their fears as the colony crowded the place with their overbearing presence and distinctive odor. As a parting gift, they left several piles of smelly poop for the workers to clean up.

The workers at the station could not put up a fight since the bats are a protected species in Nevada. The firefighters may have a robust physique and powerful equipment but both were useless in this scenario.

Bats can pose a life-threatening risk to people since they transmit diseases such as rabies. Direct contact with bat saliva, bites and scratches can lead to the transmission of the disease.

Bat infestations are a recurring issue at this station. Truckee Meadows Fire District Chief Charles Moore said, “It’s a bat problem at this fire station that dates back at least eight years. After a few bat sightings in the summer of 2015, fire officials waited until winter and sealed up every crack and crevice in and out of the Biggest Little Gotham City.”

Unfortunately, they had a reunion at the location. “It’s like going back to Grandma’s. I don’t know where they go every winter, maybe Florida,” Moore Said.

Bat experts revealed that the creatures prefer the place over the people. Perhaps that is good news since the bats will not follow them to the new station.


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