Firefighters Rescue High School Exam


When firefighters get a rescue call, it’s normally to rescue someone from a burning building or save a cat from a tree, not to saw open a jammed safe.

Firefighters in Germany received a call from a local high school that teachers were unable to open a safe which contained the list of questions for a year-end final exam. As a student, you can guarantee some were hoping the exam would be canceled.

Unfortunately for the pupils, firefighters from the Bocholt fire department raced to the scene. They discovered the lock had been jammed and were able to get it open by sawing the safe.

“That way, the students were able to sit their exam with about an hour’s delay,” the Bocholt Fire Department said.

Despite the extra hour of studying that could’ve been crammed in, students had a very mixed reaction to the safe unlocking.

“Some of them would probably have enjoyed a sunny day off instead,” the fire department spokesman Matthias Hanne said.

On the other hand, the teachers were more than thrilled to get on with the final exam.


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