Fireworks Used as a Diversion


Fireworks are often enjoyed during summer nights filled with celebration. Instead of using them for their traditional purposes, three men decided to light up a firework inside of a fireworks warehouse to cause a diversion. They walked away stealing $200 worth of products.

Authorities responded to a call at the Top Dog Fireworks Warehouse in Houston, Texas. A trio of men were seen on video as they parked in the parking lot before entering the store. They then walked around the warehouse before lighting a firework and throwing it on the ground in the middle of an aisle.

The man throwing the firework was seen wearing a Texans jersey of #90 Jadeveon Clowney. Perhaps he thought he was a football star? The two other suspects were nearby when the firework was lit. The group immediately walked to the next aisle and then the exit shortly after the incident occurred.

Customers saw what happened and attempted to put the firework out by stomping on it. When that failed, they too left the building. The firework was eventually put out by a fire extinguisher. Thankfully, none of the other fireworks ignited as a result.

Officials said the trio stole $200 worth of products when they left the store during the mass evacuation. The Harris County Fire Marshal’s Office and Crime Stoppers are now hoping the public can help them identify the group of individuals involved in the crime.


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