Fisherman Catches A Fish… In His Throat


A fisherman had a fishing expedition in Phatthalung, Thailand, that left him scarred for life.

This trip was out of the ordinary when a five-inch fish tested the waters by hopping into his throat and making its way down into the man’s windpipe, blocking his oxygen supply. He was overwhelmed with terror and started grasping at his throat for air.

People near the water witnessed the distressful situation and rushed him to the hospital. Doctors took an X-ray that displayed an Anabas, a type of freshwater fish, stuck between his throat and nasal cavity. The fish got trapped in that position while attempting to swim out of his nose.

This incident is a rare occurrence, as fishes rarely go for a swim down the human body. Sermsri Pathompanichrat, a doctor at the hospital, said: “The chances of this happening are very low. I have never seen this kind of case before.”

Pathompanichrat added: “Our doctors worked hard to minimize the damage to our patient’s organs. They have successfully saved the patient.”

Fortunately, the fisherman survived with prompt medical attention. A team of practitioners did extract the blood-covered fish out of his body after a one-hour operation. The man is healing at the hospital under the care of the doctors.


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