Fisherman Finds “Forbidden Sex Toy” Sea Creature


Fisherman and photographer Roman Fedortsov isn’t a stranger to finding weird creatures in the deep sea. This time, the 39-year-old found an apricot-colored, bulbous tubular marine animal with what looked to be a shallow hole at the bottom.

As described on his Instagram, the creature is another weird “and such ‘unusual’ representatives of the underwater world are caught in the trawl.”

Fedortsov is able to find so many odd fish because he sources cod, haddock and mackerel on commercial trawlers and sometimes fishes up to 3,000ft below the surface. The deep sea tends to have an array of unusual fish since only around five percent of the ocean floor.

Fedortsov boasts an impressive 650,000 followers online and his audience has even begun calling his most recent discovery the “forbidden sex toy” of the sea. The post has since received over 10,000 likes and several users commenting on what they think the fish looks like.

One user wrote: “The forbidden fleshlight,” referring to a sex toy used by males, which is oddly similar in shape to the creature.

A second person added: “Okay this one is clearly a sex toy.”

Some of Fedortsov’s other discoveries have made headlines, including a short time ago when he found a “baby dragon” out at sea.


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